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Why Plan Your Estate?

Nov. 19, 2013

Throughout life, there is one inevitable fact: someday, we all will pass on. This can be a scary thought for some of us, especially if we fear death. Imagine how much scarier this would be for those who have to live on in our absence. After this stark true realization, the question then becomes, how do I want to die? What will happen with all of my belongings, possessions, and money that I have gathered over the years as I grew up and grown old?

Your legacy deserves to be in the hands of those who have been there for you your whole life. For some this may just be a spouse. For others, this may be their children or even their grandchildren. Either way, the most effective thing that you can do in terms of being proactive for when this time comes is PLAN. Estate planning lays out a multitude of things for your loved ones before you pass on. It can clearly layout the type of medical care you want, how you want medicine distributed for you, where your assets are going to be distributed to, and many other things.

Whether or not you plan for it, the end will come. The question then becomes, is my family prepared for this? Will they be suffering above and beyond their grieving? Do your family a favor and make sure the answer is yes. They are cared for. Everything is taken care of. In order to truly assure them that your estate is properly planned out, don't hesitate to contact the Harris Law Offices today!