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Whether you’re dealing with a real estate contract or a business matter, you shouldn’t sign on the dotted line if you don't completely understand all of the terms and conditions in the document. Harris Law Offices will make sure that any agreement you sign is in your best interests and identify any potential pitfalls.

The need for an experienced attorney when dealing with a contract arises in many situations. For the individual, the most common are purchasing or selling a home or leasing an apartment. In both instances the individual will be investing a significant amount of money, not to mention their time, in the property. Contracts for the sale and purchase of residential real estate in New Jersey allow for a 3-day attorney review period after the contract is signed. However, there is no time limit if the contract is reviewed by an attorney prior to it being signed.

In the case of businesses, contracts can range from the simple office lease to employment contracts, to agreements for the sale or purchase of a business, joint venture agreements between businesses and loan agreements with banks and other financial institutions. At Harris Law Offices we have extensive experience handling these matters, and more, and can bring that expertise to the table when assisting you with your contract drafting requirements.

Our experienced attorney can look over contracts of all types, assist with drafting new ones and, where possible, help resolve contract disputes in a timely manner.

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Hand dropping keys into another hand in front of sold sign outside a houseIf you’re struggling to interpret the contents of a contract or you find yourself involved in a contract dispute, contact Harris Law Offices. Our lawyer can go over the document in question and make sure you fully understand the contract provisions. He has extensive experience with:

  • Real estate contracts

  • Business contracts

  • Employment contracts

  • Confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements

  • Non-compete agreements

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